04 -05 Oct 2018 Grenoble (France)
4-5 Oct 2018 Grenoble (France)


- Title: Field guide to coding best practices, for non specialists

- Date: October, 4th

- Time: from 9 to 12 am

- Organized by: Vincent Miele, research engineer in scientific computations, LBBE, CNRS

- Prerequisites: being a regular user of any language (R, Python, C/C++, ...)

- Topic: We will explore some best practices in software engineering and programming. We will see how to set up a rigorous development environment and how to improve codes perfomances.


  • How to manage code (version control, naming conventions, testing, ...)
  • How to choose a language (what's at stake?)
  • How to make faster code (what makes a code slow or fast)

Using numerous examples, demonstrations and discussions, this workshop aims at being convivial and allowing non specialists to discover techniques and methods that are not yet part of their daily workflow.

- Supported by: GdR EcoStat, Calcul group (http://calcul.math.cnrs.fr/)

- Registration: mandatory (20 persons max.)

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