04 -05 Oct 2018 Grenoble (France)
4-5 Oct 2018 Grenoble (France)

Gdr Ecostat annual meeting 2018!

The GDR Statistical Ecology will hold its fouth annual meeting on october 4th and october 5th 2018, at the University of Grenoble Alpes (after Lyon in 2015, Montpellier in 2016 and Nantes in 2017). The meeting will start on october 4th at 2 pm and end at 4 pm on october 5th.


This meeting is open to everyone, so we invite you to participate! You can participate with a 10 minutes talk, presenting a statistical development, databases or methodological questions, in a casual presentation. The goal of these talks is to promote discussions and debates about statistical ecology. Check our website for more information on our research themes (https://sites.google.com/site/gdrecostat/themes).

This year, we will have a workshop about coding best practices, for non specialists (inscriptions are closed). This workshop will be held by Vincent Miele, research engineer in scientific computations (LBBE, CNRS).

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15 septembre 2018: Deadline for abstract submissions

15 septembre 2018: Deadline for inscriptions


Temporary schedule

4 october 2018 :

- 9h-12h

  • Workshop: Coding best practices, for non specialists

- 14h - 17h

  • Talks

5 october 2018:

- 9h - 16h

  • Talks
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